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Behind the Scenes Registration Page


Course Outline and Registration

Behind the Scenes is now open. Register and get full access to the entire class for one full year.

Check out all the details.

Behind the Scenes is a collaborative eCourse….In this class we share our creative journey and a ton of inspiration.

Below is the short and long version of what Behind the Scenes is all about!

The short version: 

This is not a technical blog-building eCourse. We will not be showing you how to create a blog from scratch. However we will offer some great resources. Building a blog is really just the beginning..... It's what you pour into it that's key.

In this class, we will take you behind the scenes…sharing our creative process. We will share our creative story… how we found our way to this place, this space…this eCourse. 

We will share our photos and insider tips on how we process and share our images. 

Wanna know how we put a post together? Want tips on staying focused and getting the job done? How 'bout tutorials on all the extra little touches...such as image layouts, blog headers, buttons, mouseovers, animation, slide shows, and even short films....Want tips for telling a story with your photos? 

Having trouble finding direction? finding your voice? It's hard, but we have lots of ideas and inspiration for you.

We're super excited to share all this and so much more.

This is both an inspirational and hands on class. We poured a ton of both into this course!

Check out this post, and this post...... for some lovely BTS student insight into the class.


Registration Details

The Long Version

Behind the Scenes was originally a 4 week self-paced ecourse. After running it a few times, we decided to open it up…. Upon registration you will have full access to the entire eCourse for one entire year at crazy low price!

The course is a multi-media experience including written content, video tutorials and downloadable material.

We will share our blogging journeys; with both inspirational and practical ideas to get your blog off the ground. We will share how we started, the paths we have taken.... how we met, the immense value of connection and collaboration.

We each have our own unique way of doing things. Some things are similar and others are quite different. Come take a peek behind the scenes. Wanna know what our favorite gear is, favorite tools, apps? etc.... 


Course Topics Include

▪ Our stories 

▪ behind the scenes look at our creative worlds

▪ weekly conversations with Kim & Xanthe.

▪ our favorite gear, tools etc.

▪ what makes YOU unique and how to incorporate this in YOUR blog.

▪ sharing your passion. finding your voice.

▪ setting intentions and making things happen.

▪ shooting tips & techniques

▪ processing tips

▪ blogging tips; including creating an about page, writing your missions statement, blog layouts, copyright info, mailing lists, tagging your posts, creating community, collaboration, content ideas, marketing ideas, networking, readership growth and more.

▪ photoshop tutorials to help create a unique blogging space.

▪ incorporating video into your blog; How to 'shoot' yourself - tips on shooting and editing, a basic edit talk through to get you started. 

▪ guest interviews and lots more

Course Requirements

  • a basic understanding of blogging. We recommend having a blog set up and ready to go. However if you prefer to just soak it all up first, that's fine too!
  • a camera with ability to shoot video (the video section is optional)
  • photoshop or photoshop elements is recommended. Lightroom tutorials will also be presented.
  • video editing software such as imovie if you choose to soak up the video lessons. not to worry we will discuss this further in class.

Please note: Refunds will not be issued after the classroom access is issued.

Ready to register? 


How does this eCourse work?

The class will be hosted in a private site. You can log into the site at anytime - 24/7. The private classroom will be accessible for one full year. 

What do I need for class?

  • We recommend having a blog site set up. But this is optional. Some may just want to soak it all up and then get to work on building their blogging home after the course is finished.
  • Please note: This class will not walk you through building a site. It is not an html or CSS class. We will however offer lots of material on creating content and fun components for your site. A basic knowledge of blogging is recommended. 
  • Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, along with basic knowledge on how to use the program. 
  • Lightroom is optional - there are a few LR lessons in this class.
  • A digital camera.
  • Movie editing software such as iMovie, This is not a requirement but it is necessary if you would like to take part in the video making content of the class. No panic, we will discuss this in more detail in class.

Do I have to be a photographer to take this class?

The class will offer lots of photography related content. But, we welcome all artist, creatives and passionate people to join in. If you have something you are crazy about sharing this class will be helpful.

Still not sure? Click HERE for more testimonials.


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